So begins another year! My resolution for this year is to find the time to read more books.

Gabriel is two and a half. This year we will tackle toilet training (he’s not at all interested right now), hopefully swimming lessons, and maybe some toddler gymnastics-type classes.

He received a mini scooter for Christmas and I’ll be buying one for myself so we can scoot together in the neighbourhood.

I’m working 4 days a week at the moment, and that probably won’t change this year. Gabe will start kindy next year. I’ve put my plans for further study on the back burner for now… it’s not something I feel that I can realistically do until he’s a bit older.

Here’s to a prosperous year of family, fun and self-development ahead. ♡


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Hi! I’m Maria; mum to an almost-two year old, wife, desk jockey (office worker), Etsy seller, average cook.

This blog is about my experiences parenting a toddler (i.e. living with a tiny dictator), and trying to stay healthy as a working mum and as a family.

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